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BRIX NetAlarm uses existing infrastructure to quickly send alerts such as panic alarms or fire alarms to computers.

With a press of a key, users can quickly call for assistance.

Alert others with a key press


Additional wired and wireless accessories can be connected, such as panic buttons, door magnets, motion detectors, smoke detectors and many more.

Wireless alarm button
BRIX NetAlarm

BRIX NetAlarm uses existing infrastructure to quickly dispatch alerts such as panic alarms or fire alarms to computers, mobile phones or PDA's.

External accessories can be connected, either by wire or wireless. Other alarm systems such as fire alarms, process control systems, nurse call systems and many more can also be integrated.

Panic alarm

For people who may be experiencing threats at work, BRIX NetAlarm can be used to trigger a panic/duress alarm from the work place by pressing a configurable key on the keyboard. This can be useful at certain public institutions.

Corporate and industrial applications

Quickly dispatch fire alarms to all employees at the office or send notifications from failing machinery.

Elderly care

Turn your computer into an alarm centre - receive only those alarms you want to see. Who needs help? Where is the staff? You can see fire alarms and operational alarms. You can remotely monitor a number of sites or a single site.

Interactive Alarm Control

IAC is a tool that allows users to design menus that are displayed when receiving alarms. Every alarm sent to the receiver may include a unique menu structure. Possible applications can be starting or stopping processes, forwarding alarms, marking an alarm as being worked on, or register causes and actions. With IAC, you can build easy-to-use interfaces for advanced functions.

Interactive Alarm Control