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BRIX NetAlarm uses existing infrastructure to quickly send alerts such as panic alarms or fire alarms to computers.

With a press of a key, users can quickly call for assistance.

Alert others with a key press


Additional wired and wireless accessories can be connected, such as panic buttons, door magnets, motion detectors, smoke detectors and many more.

Wireless alarm button

EMB Emergency is a software application for mobile phones that turns it into an alarm phone, which can send emergency alarms to an alarm centre. EMB is suited for lone workers, guards, travelling salesmen and other professionals who run the risk of being exposed to danger. More information >>


BRIX Dragon is a very compact, easy to use and reliable wireless alarm. BRIX Dragon monitors a room with its motion detector and notifies you when somebody enters the room. Once the alarm has been triggered, you can also listen to what's happening in the room. More information >>