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BRIX NetAlarm uses existing infrastructure to quickly send alerts such as panic alarms or fire alarms to computers.

With a press of a key, users can quickly call for assistance.

Alert others with a key press


Additional wired and wireless accessories can be connected, such as panic buttons, door magnets, motion detectors, smoke detectors and many more.

Wireless alarm button
Connecting a Visonic radio receiver

This guide shows how to connect a radio receiver from Visonic to BRIX NetAlarm in a simple way. The Visonic receiver works with Visonic's PowerCode compatible wireless alarm devices, including pendants, door magnets, PIR motion detector, flood detectors and many more.


You will need a pair of wire cutters, a soldering iron, a screw driver and an ohm meter (or continuity tester).


  • Visonic MCR-304 General Purpose Wireless Receiver
  • An RS-232 cable with a 9 pin female D-SUB connector
  • A 12 VDC power supply for the receiver
Visonic MCR-304 and a RS-232 cable

Cut the RS-232 cable

One end of the RS-232 cable is going to be connected to the terminal block inside the receiver, so we need to get rid of one of the D-SUB contacts. The one we need to keep is the female connector.

Female 9-pin D-SUB

Strip the insulation from the other end of the cable, and use the continuity tester/ohm meter to find which wire that goes to each of the following pins:

DCD - pin 1 on the D-SUB

TxD - pin 3 on the D-SUB

DTR - pin 4 on the D-SUB

Connect the wires

Connect the wires to the terminal block as follows:

DCD to C

DTR to N.O

TxD to N.C

Wires connected to the terminal block

Connect the power supply

You can for example use a DC adapter such as this one. Connect it to the screw terminal + and - 12V inputs.

DC adapter

Power on and program a transmitter

See section 3.4 Learning Transmitter IDs in the manual that was included with the receiver.

Powered up receiver and transmitter

Configuring NetAlarm

Now start up NetAlarm, go to settings, and enable external alarms. Select the COM port you connected it to, and you may also want to write another alarm type text here.

Enabling the use of COM port in NetAlarm