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BRIX NetAlarm uses existing infrastructure to quickly send alerts such as panic alarms or fire alarms to computers.

With a press of a key, users can quickly call for assistance.

Alert others with a key press


Additional wired and wireless accessories can be connected, such as panic buttons, door magnets, motion detectors, smoke detectors and many more.

Wireless alarm button
Active Alarms and IAC

BRIX NetAlarm Active Alarms view and Interactive Alarm Control (IAC) example

In the Active Alarms view, only the active alarms are displayed. When alarms are cleared, they are removed from this view. The alarms are listed in order of priority with the most important alarm at the top of the list.

Each alarm has a colour assigned to it, usually red is used to signal high priority.

For each alarm, the user can define a set of fields with information about the alarm, such as Alarm ID, Alarm Type, User, Location and many more.

Interactive Alarm Control (IAC) allows the customer to define a set of actions that can be carried out for each alarm. Every alarm sent to the receiver may include a unique menu structure. Possible applications can be starting or stopping processes, forwarding alarms, marking an alarm as being worked on, or register causes and actions. With IAC, you can build easy-to-use interfaces for advanced process control scenarios.